Personalized Engraved Schooner

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G27 - Personalized Engraved Schooner

The Schooner from Fantasy Glassworks is one of our only multi-function engraved beer mugs. It can be used as an actual beer mug or as a trophy. The engraved Schooner has a medieval look to it and is quite heavy. A trumpet horn shapes the base with lovely detail and a bowl shaped top nicely finishes the glass.

Fantasy Glassworks engraved Schooner is engraved to your specifications whether you want: text, a company logo, or a piece of artwork that you created yourself. The schooner is deeply engraved which means it is permanent and will not wash off as in screen printing.

All personalized Schooner are engraved in house by Fantasy Glassworks and are manufactured by Crisa and Libbey Glassware.The engraved Scandinavian Beer Mug from Fantasy Glassworks is a unique, heavy beer mug with a heavy base and nice rounded curve that shapes the glass. The curve in the engraved Scandinavian beer mug looks almost as if a hand had gripped the middle of the beer mug and squeezed slightly.

  • Height: 7.5 Inches
  • Capacity: 21 Ounces
  • Maximum Text: 2 lines of 15 characters per line
  • Price: $25.95 each
  • Price includes text engraving on one side. Other options are available for an additional fee.
  • Shipping weight: 3 pounds

Have questions? Click here for additional ordering and engraving information or email us at with your question.

Orders take three to five business days (Monday - Friday) to complete - this does not include shipping time, shipping time is one to five business days (Monday - Friday) after the order is completed. Shipping to Canada is six to ten business days. If there are any delays, we will contact you by e-mail.

A note about Monograms

A monogram is a person's initials with the last name initial in the middle and larger. For example, the initials DRM (David Richard MacKay) would be DMR.

If you would like the monogram style, please leave a note in the text or comments box and let us know what the last name initial is, i.e., 'use monogram style, last name is M'.

G27 - Personalized Engraved Schooner
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2 lines of 15 characters per line

2 lines of 15 characters per line

If you'd like to use your own custom design, please email Please click here for more information on custom designs.

If you've already sent your design in (or will be sending it in) you can just put 'design as per email' in the text box above along with any text you might want.

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Designs on the front of the glass are free. Add an additional $3.00 for a design on the back of the glass.

If you have any additional information, special engraving instructions or questions, please note them above. Our shopping cart does not accept quotes (") or special characters such as accent marks in the text, if you wish quotes (") or special characters such as accent marks in the text, please let us know above. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

If you need your glass in a hurry, please note in the box above the date that you need them and we will make every effort to get them out in time. If there is a problem, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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